Saturday, 30 March 2013

First impressions

It was Chloe and Curly's first time on a narrow boat and what mixed reactions we had. Curly thought it was brilliant and loved it, but Chloe's first words were "you couldn't swing a b****y cat in here".

                                                     Curly and Chloe
                                                  Carolyn unpacking
                                               Carolyn filling cupboards
               Chloe is not convinced 2 people can live in such a small space without major fall outs.
                                                 It's bigger than it looks ! . 
                                            Curly said "It even has a conservatory" .
If you look in the tree behind Inca you can see that it is full of mistletoe,I might try and pick some , You never know your luck.

Well it was a good day, We stored loads of our gear and were surprised at how much storage space we still have left. Mind you looking at what is left in the house i still don't think we can take everything.