Sunday, 21 April 2013

Free at last

Today we left Upton marina and all the security and easy living that it provided.

                                            Leaving Upton marina

                                            We are happy
And so is he
The power of the river Severn.
We will be a lot happier when we are on the canals.
Entering Diglis lock (operated by a lock keeper)
We are now off the river Severn and onto the Worcester and Birmingham canal.
A bridge with a hole on the left hand side. I think it might have been for telegraph cables.
We are now moored on the outskirts of Worcester. We have covered 10 miles and gone through 8 locks. It has taken us 6 and a half very enjoyable hours. Now we are chilling with a glass or two of wine deciding on our next move.


  1. And who did all the hard work on the locks!

  2. follow you most days with real interest and a twinge of jealousy.....what vino tinto is it tonight GP..?? and just how big are the wine glasses.

  3. If you go to Birminghan I can recomend the Legs Eleven nightclub

  4. Carolyn did all the locks as she didnt want to steer the boat.

    Tonights wine is a chilean Cabernet Sauvignon with very large glases.

    Is legs Eleven near a canal ?? as we have to walk everywhere.

  5. its near the Walkabout pub...maybe best off leaving Carolyn in there while you visit the