Saturday, 20 April 2013


We have been really busy for the last couple of days sorting out Inca.We have bought more storage containers and small shelving units and have just about filled up every available space.On Thursday it was a trip into Worcester to buy a small tumble dryer (I was told we can't possibly live without one).So it was off to the retail park where we bought a small 3.5 kg one.

While in Worcester we decided to have a look at the locks we would be going up to get off the river Severn and onto the canal system.

This is the approach to the lock on the right. If you go left you meet the weir.

If you get in trouble above the lock the flow of the river would carry you down and over the weir.As you can see in the photo there is a line of buoys to prevent this happening.Although 3 weeks ago a boat lost power and drifted down into the buoys.The people on board where rescued and the boat was recovered later.

                           The river Severn is now in green on the board and safe to navigate.

                                               What the colours mean.

                                        The approach to the next lock is on the right. Then it's off the river and onto the canal network.

It was then back to Inca and try to find room for a tumble dryer that we can't live without.


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