Saturday, 1 April 2017

Leaky Lock


IMG_1678We pulled pins from our mooring at 08.10 and soon hit Tamworth which is a place we love cruising through as you can have a good look at everybody’s gardens as you cruise through the town. After an hour we reached Glascote locks which have had some new gates fitted over the Winter stoppage period. This lock which is the bottom of the two was always very leaky and it took ages to fill.

IMG_1674In fact this poem was written about it . The last time we came through this way it was written on a bit of paper ,but now someone has had this plaque made.

IMG_1685If only I had some red paint ……

IMG_1695After passing through Fazeley junction we approached a boat flying the flag of Devon . As we got closer we soon recognised that it was our friends Paul and Jill on nb Falcon . We stopped for a chat and admired the new paint job they had just had done on Falcon .It’s one of the best paint jobs we have ever seen and Falcon now looks like a brand new boat . Great to meet you guys ,hopefully we can meet up and have a drink later in the year ..

IMG_1705This guy is so Brave . He is moored just outside of Hopwas on the side of the Army firing range with the signs saying Danger Keep out and with the red warning light flashing. Mind you it is a Cornish boat.

IMG_1724Duck ! They just missed us as they came in to land.

IMG_1737Arriving at Fradley junction and we leave the Coventry Canal and join the Trent and Mersey Canal where we should turn left , but something is making us turn in the opposite direction and heading to our favourite village on the canal system.

IMG_1807We eventually arrived at Alrewas and were very surprised to see that there were very few boats there . Then how lucky were we to get on our favourite mooring right outside of the bowling club and Church . We will have a few days chilling here before continuing our journey North.

                                                                                                     Happy Days


  1. I think that van may soon have a graffiti letter added dont you?
    The winter season is almost at an end with so many boats emerging from their marinas.
    So, choosing to moor in our favourite places may be difficult now.
    Lovely pics again Gary, bon voyage.
    ann and the cabin boy

  2. a photo of nb FACON would have been nice so
    we could see the paint job for ourselves
    you missed the boat there .....ant