Saturday, 8 April 2017



IMG_1904Out and about in Alrewas and Carolyn spotted this car registration number. Well guess what ?. She says it would be just perfect for me especially with the amount of Red wine I drink. But I just don’t get it …..

IMG_1918With number one Granddaughter Curly now on board we pulled pins from Alrewas at 07.55 and had a six hour cruise in front of us to Rugeley where we would restock Inca from the Tesco which is right next to the canal . This is the first lock out of Alrewas and the lock gates just wont stay closed , So I have to get to the back of the lock and give them a bit of a push.

IMG_1923We are making the most of Curly and she is now fully trained in taking Inca out of a lock by herself. We just now need to work on her getting Inca in to a lock by herself.

IMG_1926When not steering she is out helping Carolyn on lock duty and she saves us a lot of time as it means Carolyn doesn’t have to walk all the way around the lock to open and close the gates.

IMG_1944Passing through Toilet town which of course is the town of Armitage where they make all the porcelain sanitary ware.

IMG_1953Going through the narrow section by the Plum pudding just before Rugeley and Carolyn has to go ahead on foot to make sure there are no boats coming in the opposite direction as it’s single boat passage. It used to be a tunnel until the roof was taken off many years ago.

IMG_1954We then passed this boat ,and yes I know I have put it on here before but you just have to chuckle every time you see it . Luckily Curly didn’t have a clue what it meant.

IMG_1962We eventually made it to Rugeley and after a couple of hours out and about in the town Carolyn and Curly returned to Inca and managed to book a Aquafit session for the evening at the local Leisure centre. We had intended to do our shop in Tesco tonight ,but that will now have to wait until the morning.

                                                                                                                   Happy Days

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