Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Yarn Bombing


IMG_2208With an estimated six hour cruise and a flight of 11 locks in front of us we pulled ropes through rings from our mooring below Bosley locks at 07.50 ,much to Curly’s annoyance as she loves to have a lay in.

IMG_2210Entering the bottom lock and you can see that it’s been Yarn bombed . We see this all over the country on locks it’s also called storming, guerrilla knitting, kniffiti, urban knitting or graffiti knitting and is a type of graffiti or street art that employs colourful displays of knitted or crocheted yarn or fibre rather than paint or chalk.

IMG_2215You just have to admire these beautiful stone built locks as you ascend the flight. Just imagine the amount of work that went in to making these stones and then forming the locks and all with hand tools.

IMG_2220With mitred top and bottom gates Curly comes in to her own as she can now open and close gates and on this visit has become competent in not only lifting paddles but also dropping them.

IMG_2236Nearly at the top of The Bosley flight and as Carolyn brings Inca up and in to the lock where the views are absolutely brilliant.

IMG_2240A rare picture I know ,but just occasionally I do the odd lock or two.

IMG_2251Eventually at the top of the flight and we are at 518 ft above sea level and in to the foothills of The Peak forest . We now have the use of the service block to get rid of our rubbish and waste . Why all services can’t be like this I will never know . It even has showers and washing machines. For what we pay in licence fees to Canal and River Trust it’s about time they supplied more facilities like this throughout the canal network.

IMG_2263What a waste of money this sign is although CRT seem to think it’s funny …The money could be spent so much better on improved maintenance and facilities.

IMG_2271Moving on and we are soon passing through Macclesfield and the marina. With the Sun out what a perfect day for cruising . Next to the Marina is yet another old factory/warehouse that’s been converted in to living accommodation .

IMG_2277After a good six hour cruise we arrived at Bollington and picked up the very end mooring on the aqueduct . With it being so shallow it meant our arse end being out a bit ,but as we could get the front in fairly close we were happy with that.

After a night here it will be another good cruise tomorrow as we want to get off The Macclesfield and then onto The Peak Forest Canal and hopefully make it all the way in to Bugworth Basin at Whaley Bridge.


                                                                                        Happy Days


  1. Come on Gary, you can' t have had your sense of humour removed! The sign is quirky and probably cost tuppence to produce, and it might just attract someone somewhere to volunteer, which is still much needed. Had Tina not been unwell we would have been on our way along the Macc to Bugsworth, or Buxworth as they now like to call it, but sadly still not set off. However, if you are travelling the Bridgewater, give us a ring as it would be good to meet up. We are moored at Grappenhall, on your twin boat!

  2. Hi Jack . Should have been travelling up the Bridgewater now , but for Peel Holdings who have closed it until Sometime in May . We are now heading towards Leeds and are going the long way around .We are up on The Lancaster canal until mid June and should be back down that way sometime after that . Hope Tina will soon be feeling better . Not sure about our twin ,but our paintwork is looking very bad and is desperate for a polish and wax. As for the sign , it's just when you see boater facilities being poorly looked after and in many cases closed down it sort of goes to you . Hope to see you both soon .......

    1. It certainly is a long way round. Presumably the Rochdale beckons! I don't know when you might be coming down the Wigan flight, but if you let us know we'll come and help, as we live in Wigan ( someone has to), and it can be a tough day if there's just the two of you. As for paintwork, it is really difficult to maintain a shine. No sooner have you put the elbow grease in, it seems to fade to dull in front of your eyes. Boating eh! Have a good trip.

    2. We are in fact going the longer way round and going up to Leeds and then across . Many thanks for the offer of help although not sure when we will be there . I'm Looking forward to the Ribble link but Carolyn isn't.I think it will be fun. Would love some local knowledge of where it's safe to moor when we get closer as you hear so many stories .

  3. I do love the Bosley Locks - we did them three times the first year we had Waka Huia, as we couldn't go far afield from Aqua Narrowboats at Mercia or from Ed Shiers of Four Counties Marine. Olek the grandson considered them his favourite, least favourite, longest, shortest, hardest easiest set of locks - as you can guess, they were the only ones he got to do that holiday. The moorings below them are wonderful, eh?
    And the sign is lovely - say £2 to produce (just done some similar here for the work I am doing - not about ducklings tho ...), and it warns people to be careful of the lovely ducklings - likely to be much more effective that a DON'T RUN OVER DUCKLINGS, YOU MORON sign, I reckon.
    Looks from your comment, Gary, that we won't see you till July at the earliest. Will keep some red wine handy for that occasion, mate!
    Cheers, M&D

    1. Hi Marilyn , What made Bosley even better was that there were only a couple of boats on the flight. Will look forward to meeting up and the odd slurp of wine !