Thursday, 20 April 2017



IMG_2283Another early start from our mooring at Bollington and Curly is slowly but surely falling out with me , she just doesn’t like early mornings. We are soon passing Clarence Mill which once again is another mill converted in to flats. Talking to a local yesterday he said that a 2 bedroom unit would set you back about £200,000 although they are very spacious.

IMG_2293At bridge 13 just past Middlecale farm we came across this most amazing outdoor workshop . Although it seems to be just for display it is most impressive.

IMG_2294It might just look like a post , But honest to God when I clicked the button to take this picture there was Kingfisher sat on the top of it.

IMG_2303The end of the Macclesfield canal and this is the junction at Marple . We will eventually head down the Marple flight of locks which is on the left when we exit , But we are going to head right and spend a few days in Bugsworth Basin.

IMG_2305Not something you see very often on the canals and what a well maintained old wooden boat this is .

IMG_2308We went through three lift bridges during our cruise along the Peak forest on our way in to Bugsworth basin and at everyone we met another boat and it ended up with Carolyn operating each bridge. It’s funny how that always seems to happen to us.

IMG_2314Nearly at the end of our cruise and we head through New Mills which is famous for it’s sweet factory . It’s the Swizzles Matlow factory with it’s best selling product which is Lovehearts . As you cruise by you get the scent of the sweets being produced in the factory and it’s always good to get a wave from the people who are working inside .Needless to say Curly wanted to stop and see if she could get a tour around the factory.

IMG_2329After a great near six hour lock free cruise we arrived at Bugsworth Basin .On entering we turned right and went to the end of the basin before winding and coming back to the bottom basin .

IMG_2395We then picked up this mooring (top of picture on the right) in a near empty basin. The moorings here are 48 hours although we have been told if we want to stay a bit longer we could ask the Warden for a short extension. With Carolyn and Curly wanting to stay here as long as possible it looks like we could be here for a few days.




                                                                                                          Happy Days


  1. love your blog and as usual excellent quality photos.

  2. We stayed last year. You can extend up to 14 days if you have time. We loved it, and there are some great walks up in the hills starting and finishing by the pub.

  3. You must go on the bus to buxton. Lovely place. And theres a wetherspoons to xxx enjoy pam & terry xxx

    1. Hi Pam and Terry , Don't worry Carolyn and Curly have sorted out bus times and have planned a day out . PS Got some Gin onboard for when we next meet up .. Ha ha !