Thursday, 6 April 2017

There and back again


IMG_1847 After a great few days at Alrewas it was time to move on again . We pulled ropes through rings at 09.45 and were surprised a to see a boat waving at us from one of the locks before Fradley junction . As we got closer we realised that it was friends Ray and Diane on Nb Ferndale. We stopped and had a chat before saying goodbye . Why is it we always seem to pass friends on the move and never seem to have time to stop and have a good catch-up.

IMG_1862After a couple of hours we filled with water and picked up a mooring outside of the nature reserve at Fradley junction and then had a walk around it . Canal and River Trust have been criticised for the many stupid signs they have been putting up everywhere ,but at least this one makes some sense.

IMG_1860Walking around the lake and we saw loads of these piles of sticks which it seems are known as Habitat piles.


IMG_1863I spent half an hour in this hide but only saw a couple of Ducks and a Grey squirrel .

IMG_1874After a night at Fradley we had a call from number one Granddaughter Curly (Abbie) to say that she was coming up for Easter early and could we please turn around and head back to Alrewas as it is her favourite place on the canal system . So it meant us going up the lock before the junction and then winding (turning around) and heading back to Alrewas.

IMG_1887There what a good manoeuvere and I never used the Girlie button/front rudder.

IMG_1853We had to laugh at this pair of boater’s who were behind us . They tried to turn without the hassle of going up the lock, only to find that they were to long and got a bit stuck.

IMG_1903One good thing about going back to Alrewas was that we could meet up with Ray and Diane and before long we found ourselves in The King William IV .

IMG_1908The following day Ray and Diane invited Carolyn to join them for a day out in Lichfield. Needless to say she jumped at the chance and by all accounts had a great day out. They returned later in the sfternoon and with the Sun out there was only one thing to do . This is the first time that we have sat out on the Towpath this year. This is what makes a long Winter on a Narrowboat all worth while,sat out enjoying the Spring weather with friends

                                                                                                       Happy Days

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