Thursday, 27 April 2017

To the Summit

IMG_2622After a good night at Uppermill and a very enjoyable takeaway Chinese meal we popped in to the town to stock up before making the final push up to the summit of the Huddersfield canal . The quickest way from the town to our mooring was over these stepping stones .It was easy when you had no shopping ,but not so easy when you are loaded down.

IMG_2635After a filling the cupboards we pulled pins and headed up to the lock above the town of Uppermill . this is the first time we have seen paddles like this . It seems like this canal is a mixture of all sorts of paddle gear.

IMG_2640With myself and Curly on lock duty Carolyn brings Inca in to lock 23 West after passing under this magnificent Viaduct

IMG_2644Curly and Carolyn having a well deserved rest as we lock up the Huddersfield Narrow canal as we travel through the upper Tame valley.

IMG_2648After 4 hours and 12 very hard heavy locks we finally reached the Summit and the West portal of The Standedge tunnel .To be honest it doesn't look very spectacular and I think I was expecting something a bit more grand. We are booked to go through at 11.30 tomorrow morning ,although a couple Canal and River Trust workers told us it could be a lot later as they bring the boats through from the East first.

IMG_2652Not long after mooring up we were told by a local walker that 9 Ducklings seemed to have lost their Mum . No one had seen her for at 4 hours so the RSPCA called . Curly and Carolyn kept an eye on the Ducklings until they arrived and then helped to catch all 9 of them. It was thought that a Fox may have taken the Mother Duck as there are several in this area. Anyway at least the Ducklings should have a reasonable chance now of surviving.

                                                                                                                         Happy Days

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