Saturday, 15 April 2017

Stoke on Trent


IMG_2087We pulled pins from our mooring opposite the Wedgewood factory at 07.10 with the intention of getting through Stoke on Trent as soon as possible .Such a shame yet again that this is another city that has a bad name for canal travellers although I believe that money is shortly to become available to be spent along the canal through the city . Whether this money will be spent to make some safe secure moorings remains to be seen.

IMG_2090The first lock of the day was only about half an hour away and seemed to be a bit deeper than previous locks on this section . Yet again there was the gap in the lock cross over bridge to allow a horses rope to pass through .

IMG_2093Passing the Bet 365 stadium which of course is the home of Stoke city FC.

IMG_2098The canal through Stoke is absolutely hammered with Graffiti . Although most of it is a mess occasionally you see something that you look at and think that’s very good.

IMG_2100Now this is a bit different . Someone has decided to clad their narrow boat . I’m not sure that the idea will catch on.

IMG_2106You know you are in the Potteries when you see these old bottle kilns .Just how good is it to see that they have been retained and not knocked down.

IMG_2103After passing a few local Scoates openly doing drugs we came across this mess in the canal . As always when we see floating crap like this we knock Inca out of gear and coast through as to try and avoid the propeller becoming fouled.

IMG_2111Arriving at Etruia and we pass the old meat rendering works . Good job it’s not operating now as the smell must have been horrendous.

IMG_2126I bet this pottery was a hive of activity in it’s day. A bit of a shame to see it like this ,but I guess it’s time move’s on.

IMG_2121A skip full of pottery . No doubt it never made the grade and has just been chucked …

IMG_2133Arriving at Harecastle tunnel and we were waved straight in and had a good uneventful trip through . We have never been through in this direction before and were surprised at how loud the fans were after we entered and they shut the tunnel door behind us.

IMG_2136Looking back at the North portal as we leave the tunnel and you can see the colour of the water which is a bright orange colour. You can also see the old disused tunnel on the right.

IMG_2143After exiting Harecastle tunnel it’s only a short cruise before we turn left and leave the Trent and Mersey canal and then join the Macclesfield canal.

IMG_2157How the other half live ! . Just past this house we picked up a mooring for the night with exactly the same view that this multi million pound house has .Then tomorrow our view will change as we head North up the Macclesfield.


                                                                                                                          Happy Days

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