Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Final resting place


IMG_1831As always when moored at Alrewas we are out and about in the village and along the towpath. The picture above is looking back towards the village lock from the river section of the Trent and Mersey canal. With a few days of rain the water was just about touching the yellow on the marker which means proceed with caution.

IMG_1764As always we have to stop and see what’s on offer at this house which sells pickles and Jams . Needless to say Carolyn bought a jar or three.

IMG_1800Here we go again and yes Alrewas is still in the top three Churchyards for my final resting place .Carolyn said it will be so handy as it’s next to the canal with good moorings for boating friends to come and visit me as they pass through.

IMG_1834With out any doubt this has to be the best butcher anywhere on the canal network . Just mention Alrewas to any boater and they will all say heve you been to the brilliant butchers there . Luckily we just got there as they were closing for the day ‘but managed to get the biggest juiciest Pork chop you have ever seen for dinner tonight. We also bought Pork sausagees ,steaks and their homemade beef stir fry ..Yum yum. 

IMG_1817As we travel around we see more and more of these defibrillators this one is outside the local co-op . Its the first time that I’ve actually read the instructions on one and was surprised to see that you had to ring 999 to get the code to open it up and then be instructed in how to use it. Anyway I think it’s a great idea and there should be a lot more of them .

                                                                                                          Happy Days                   


  1. Coates butchers undoubtedly good, but the Ox and Trotter in Audlem can run them close. The butchers in Braunston went back in the betting last year when we visited. But yes, a good butcher is an excellent thing, unless you have had the veggie curse! Alrewas is a favourite of ours too. Enjoy.

  2. Hi Jack , hope you are keeping well . Never had a problem with Coates and they even slaughter on site and all meat is locally produced . Not tried The Ox and Trotter in Audlem but will make a point of visiting next time we are there . As for Braunston , it was OK when we first went there 4 years ago but a Butchers we and many of our boating friends avoid now .

  3. yes we've bought produce from that little thatched cottage.
    We like to get freshly picked veg from their gardens too, just the ticket.

    1. Hi Ann , it's a great place to get some home produced Pickles and Jams .. Curly said Hi to you and the Cabin boy !!!!

  4. We stopped at the cottage wall and bought a jar of Damson jam. Carolyn's Damson jam is much, much better than their's. Glad to see the posting - it means you are not using your final resting place yet. Aloha, Amos & Charlene

  5. Hi Amos and Charlene . I will let Carolyn know what you said about her jam, Not ready just yet for the graveyard , still got a few more canals and rivers to explore.

  6. Watch the shop at closing time the staff wash down all the outside pavement and curb/gutter.