Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Welcome to Chester


IMG_6849We pulled pins from our best ever picturesque mooring at Wharton’s lock at 08.25 and made our way towards the city of Chester . We shared the last five locks down into Chester with a local Trust boat which made locking a lot easier.

IMG_6851There are so many stories that we have heard about mooring in Chester. We have friends who have had things thrown off their roof into the canal and even people walking on top of their boats plus numerous other horror stories. But as always we like to give the stories the benefit of the doubt and try it for ourselves. We had been told that there were some good moorings past bridge 123e which should be OK to use in the week ,but not at weekends when you should only moor down in the basin below the Northgate staircase locks. so we thought we would check them out.

IMG_6853There’s only enough room for about three boats on these moorings next to this lovely park which is below the famous Chester wall.So how lucky are we to get the last available one.

IMG_6906Within minutes of mooring we were chilling out in the park with not a care in the World.

IMG_6874There was even a very funny looking bird here . I looked in my British birds book but couldn’t find out what sort it was . It later turned out that there was a falconry centre on the other side of the wall to our moorings where I guess he came from.

IMG_6899This floating restraunt boat passed us several times and I was so impressed with how the steered reversed the boat past us . It wasn’t until I had a closer look that I could see that the boat could be propelled and steered from both ends as you can see from the wash coming from the bow.

IMG_6893We had a good old chuckle at this. I can assure everyone that there is no chance of us ever doing this with Hamish.

IMG_6885This is our mooring viewed from the wall which surrounds the old town of Chester .The moorings are 48 hours so we will make the most of them while we are here to explore the city.


                                                                                                      Happy Days

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