Sunday, 3 July 2016



IMG_6139After our day off we had a reasonably early start pulling pins at 07.55 and making our way towards Kingswood junction. We had intended to turn left and head down to Stratford for the festival which we attended last year ,but after several days,god knows how many e-mails and phone calls to Avon Navigation and the festival organisers about getting a mooring it just became a massive joke .OK so if they don’t want us we will go elsewhere .

IMG_6136If there is an annual prize for the best kept Elsan then this one at Kingswood junction will win it . You could eat your dinner off it (well maybe not) but you know what I mean. Well done to who ever looks after this facility, if only all the rest could be like this.

IMG_6141After filling with water dumping rubbish and dumping you know what in that lovely elsan we headed up the Lapworth flight of 19 locks from Kingswood junction. A feature on this canal is the gap in the middle of the bridge’s which was there to allow the horse rope to pass through with out disconnecting it from the Horse.

IMG_6147After about three locks we were joined by the local Lockie .It’s not often I say it ,but this Volunteer Lockie was brilliant. He is by far the best we have ever encountered on all our travels. He is like a man possessed as he cycles to the next lock to prepare it and then back down to the lock to work us through. We didn’t catch his name ,but what a star  !!!!!

IMG_6148At the top of the flight we pass this house on the towpath side with this sign. Why buy a house next to the canal if you don’t want boats to moor outside. It’s perfectly within any boater’s right to moor there ..

IMG_6149Not much further on and we came to this lift bridge. We had been told that it was a bit of a sod and took some effort to wind it up . If looks could kill ! OK Sweetheart I will do the next one..(which is electric).

IMG_6152How about this for a roof Garden. We think he would be almost self sufficient with all the Veg,Herbs and salads he had growing on there.

IMG_6155There is no way that you can pass bridge 20 without stopping and taking a visit to Wedges bakery. They do the most amazing Pies, Bread.Pastries and Cakes.

We then moved on a short distance and picked up a mooring opposite Warings Green Wharf and scoffed had some of the pies and cakes we had bought. Tomorrow we will head in to Birmingham where no doubt I wont see much of Carolyn for a day or three.


                                                                                                 Happy Days


  1. nice blog. por Carolyn she looks completely worn out. some very nice pictures

  2. Yes I remember bridge 28. Didn't even have to look up the number. We did a return trip that way earlier in the year and I took the boat and made Paul work the bridge on the return. It was more difficult than he had expected. I did email CRT and had a reply to say they had changed the mechanism and returned to Italy for testing! Meanwhile the replacement was the same as the one they took off! You wonder why they have to buy things from Italy! So guess they are still waiting to hear. Perhaps you could remind them! Jill

  3. Hi Paul and Jill , Hope you are both keeping well ...can't believe it came from Italy .. I certainly will contact CRT and see what their response is ..