Thursday, 21 July 2016

Up the Shroppie


IMG_6598After a good first night on The Shropshire Union Canal we pulled pins from our out in the sticks mooring at 08.10 and were soon heading through the Balustraded Avenue Bridge bridge 10 which takes the road to Chillington Hall.

IMG_6613After a while we reached Wheaton Aston and joined the chaos to get Diesel at Turners garage. They are renowned as being one of the cheapest places to get diesel on the canal network.

IMG_6616Eventually after about an hour of waiting we managed to get on the pump . At 51.9 pence a litre and no coal/diesel boats in the area there is no way you can pass without filling up. In the end we filled up with 105 litres.

IMG_6618We then passed this guy who was fishing off a pontoon. Carolyn reckons he catches more fish than I do .

IMG_6623Heading into Gnosall and we pass through the 81 yards of Cowley Tunnel. This is the only tunnel on The Shropshire Union Canal. It is unlined so it feels a bit like going through a cave.

IMG_6628After a quick stop for some milk in the village we were off again and passed this sign that someone had pinned on their gate ….                          

IMG_6640There is no way you can travel up this canal without putting this picture on the blog, It’s where the old telephone wires used to pass through the middle of the bridge. We have been up here many times before and this must be one of the most photograped bridges on the system.

IMG_6634 After 7 hours of cruising a chill out is what we decided to do .We picked up a good mooring near The Anchor at bridge 42. In the morning we have booked in to get our cratch cover repaired at shebdon Wharf so we can have a bit of a later start as we don’t have to be there till 09.00 and it’s only about a mile in front of us

                                                                                                                  Happy Days

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