Friday, 1 July 2016

Day off


IMG_6132We decided on a day off after several long days of cruising and with our Beta 43 engine due it’s 250 hour service it seemed like a good idea to stay put. While I was warming the engine up Carolyn took Hamish for a walk and found a hedge full of wild Gooseberries. She had to come back to the boat and get some gloves due to the amount of thorns ,but soon returned with enough to make a lovely Gooseberrie crumble.. Yum yum…

IMG_6127It was only an oil and filter change on this service as it had the gearbox oil, fuel and air filter changed on the last service.

IMG_6128It’s amazing how different the engine sounds after doing just an oil change and also the oil pressure is higher on tick over and at 1200 revs which is our normal cruising speed. A good and satisfying job done . With a few other jobs done on Inca it will be an early start tomorrow when we tackle the 19 locks of the Lapworth flight

                                                                                                      Happy Days


  1. Your bilge looks so clean and sparkly!
    Has Carolyn ever made strawberry and gooseberry jam? Just yummy!And excellent for diabetics too ... Cheers, M

  2. Hi Marilyn ,hope you are both keeping well .. I love my bilge , you can't have a too sparkly bilge !!! Carolyn hasn't made it with Strawberries which sounds yummy and she said she will try it ,but she has turned this lot into Gooseberrie and Plum jam. Just been jarred up ,It tastes delicious ..