Tuesday, 19 July 2016


No chance of blogging in this heat , normal service will be resumed when the English Summer returns..
                                                   Happy Days


  1. Fickle, fickle English weather! Three weeks ago in the continual overcast gloom and ongoing rain, Les said, "English summer will take place tomorrow afternoon at 3:15 pm. Blink and you will miss it." Now here we are suffering in hellish heat. And boaters pass us on the cut and say, " At least it isn't raining!" You cannot tell tourist the depth of meaning in that phrase! One has to live here to understand. Stay cool! Xxx

  2. Hi Jaqs, We love the hot weather especially if there is a nice shaded tree to sit under ,except at night that is when living in a tin can ,its so hot it's impossible to sleep . Long may it last ,until the end of October would be good ..