Wednesday, 6 July 2016

A few more good boat names


IMG_5919How about this.. Even the curtains are Noddy one’s .

IMG_5918Guess what this boat is called ??????

IMG_5926Just a few cartoon characters …

IMG_5946You just can’t beat a bit of this with a glass or three of the red stuff .

IMG_5985It’s always a biy Wibbly Wobbly on a boat !

IMG_5999We used to love watching The Darling Buds of May. My favourite character was Mariette who was played by Catherine Zita-Jones , what a great actress .. Lol

IMG_6045I’m always at mine…

IMG_6049I’m sure many of you will remember Noggin the Nog which was a popular British children's character appearing in his own TV series (of the same name). The TV series is considered a cult classic from the golden age of British children's television. Noggin himself is a simple, kind and unassuming King of the Northmen in a roughly Viking-age setting, with various fantastic elements such as dragons, flying machines and talking birds.The original television series was first broadcast, starting on 11 September 1959, by the BBC in the United Kingdom, and continued to 1965.Twenty-one programmes were made in black and white, and six in colour, each with a running time of ten minutes. When the programme made a comeback in 1979 it ran for just six episodes and was made in colour.


                                                                                                          Happy Days


  1. enjoyed that one Gary xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    1. That's good , pleased you enjoyed it !

  2. And with today's technology you can watch Noggin the Nog all over again, I may be hooked, as I wasn't born (Just) for the first showing. Caroline

  3. Thanks for that Caroline, Unfortunately I am old enough to remember . I will have a look at the link and show Curly our Granddaughter the next time she is with us ...