Tuesday, 12 July 2016



IMG_6302We pulled pins at 08.10 a little later than we were going to and soon entered Tardebigge Top lock. At eleven feet and 7 inches deep it’s one of the deepest narrow locks that you will find on the canal network. With 36 locks in front of us we just hope that there are a lot of boats coming up the flight so that there are plenty of locks in our favour.The flight  comprises of 30 narrow locks on a two-and-a-quarter-mile stretch .It raises the waterway 220 feet (67 m), and lies between the Tardebigge tunnel to the North and the Stoke Prior flight of six narrow locks to the South.

IMG_6306With me on lock wheeling duty for most of the 36 locks Carolyn eases Inca out of the lock next to the reservoir which feeds this flight of locks. This is where the water is pumped back up the hill to feed water into the locks.

IMG_6311The first boat we meet of the day and he just managed not bumping into the back of us as he exits the lock. Some of the pounds are short,so it can make manoeuvering a bit difficult.

IMG_6317Who said that I never give Carolyn flower’s ? .She was more than happy to receive this lovely rose from me ,even though I did nick it from outside of someone’s garden. It’s the thought that counts !

IMG_6316It happens to all of us at times, but you can’t help but laugh when it happens to someone else. It’s a bit funny because the guy had just been telling me that they were experienced Hirers and then his wife started shouting at him to come back down from the lock and pull her in.

IMG_6320The obligatory picture from The Tardebigge flight. Everybody that passes this old lock cottage takes a picture of the array of aerials . I would have thought he could talk to someone on the other side of the World with all those aerials.

IMG_6326At last we are at the bottom of The Tardebigge flight which means we have another six locks which comprise of The Stoke Flight of locks.

After nearly five hours and with most of the 36 locks against us we get onto our mooring South of Stoke Prior. Out of the 36 locks we did I did 33 and Carolyn did 3. It’s a new world record for me with that many locks in a day and probably will never be repeated. Of course Carolyn has done more when we went up the same flight last year when she did all 36. Even though it was busy and there was a bit of hard work involved it was still a most enjoyable day.


                                                                                                                          Happy Days


  1. you will have to press that flower Carolyn prove of Gary giving it. nice pictures x

  2. Hi Gary We have been watching you enjoying our home waters from afar as we are in the South of France. The reservoir is no longer used for the locks. It is a lovely flight and I hope the towpath was clean? We litter pick there when we are at home. We also act as VLK's at the Stoke flight sometimes, but there are not enough of us for it to be manned daily. You will have passed nb Tentatrice who is moored in Droitwich Spa Marina. Enjoy Droitwich
    Jennie and Chris

  3. Hi Jennie and Chris. The flight was looking very clean and tidy and there was even a CRT employee brushing the dirt off the locks .We do enjoy stopping in Droitwich and love the secure moorings in the basin ... Enjoy the South of France. I bet the weather is better there than it is here .......