Thursday, 14 July 2016

Droitwich Spa


IMG_6335We pulled pins from our mooring at Stoke Prior at 07.40 after the best nights sleep I’ve had for a long time,must be something to do with the 33 locks I did yesterday. After dropping down the 6 locks of The Astwood flight of locks we were soon at Hanbury Wharf . We have been a bit undecided over the last few days, should we drop down into Worcester turning left or turn right and drop down into Droitwich Spa . In the end we tossed a coin and turned right.

IMG_6337There is usually a Volunteer Lockie on at this flight as it seems some people get confused about using the side ponds when locking up or down . Although this guy didn’t really say a lot he was very helpful and efficient.

IMG_6343Just past Droitwich marina entrance and you pass under this bridge. I think it’s a good idea they put those floats there or otherwise a lot of boats would get damaged.

IMG_6349After the bridge we come to the staircase locks . It’s always easier going down as you go down on the same lock full of water .

IMG_6354After the next lock we go onto a river section with the notoriously low bridge under the M5 Motorway . Guess what happened next ? We hit the height board a good 3 inches up it with our cratch board. But not being easily put off We carried on slowly and in the end just about scrapped through with no damage done . The bizarre thing then was that we were a good Quarter of an inch below the height board on the other side of the bridge .I think someone needs to do a bit of adjusting.

IMG_6363One of the best things about this canal is the safe and secure moorings in Droitwich . It is only a short walk then into the Town.

IMG_6375Out and about in the town and Carolyn takes an instant likening to these wood carvings. Just where we would put them on Inca ,God only knows. Eventually I managed to drag her away and we continued our look around. Like many towns today it seems to be full of Charity shops,which Carolyn is more than happy to visit.

IMG_6374Droitwich was known in Roman times as Salinae and salt was extracted by them, however the origins of salt extraction in the area go back to prehistoric times, the brine is 10 times stronger than seawater and can only be compared with that in the dead sea. It was not until the early 19th century that the benefits of flotation in brine were fully Victoria Square in Droitwich townappreciated and brine baths built , John Corbett turned Droitwich into a fashionable spa, he was a salt king and a member of parliament and promoted Droitwich as a health resort.

IMG_6379“Well” said Carolyn “If I cant have one of those wooden carvings I will have one of these” . Mind you it was the V12 version and it looked to be in mint condition. Now off to buy a lottery ticket…

After a couple of days here tomorrow we will move on again. We have a 4 hour journey down to The River Severn and we will then decide whether to wait here over night or make the trip up to Stourport on the same day.

                                                                                                Happy Days


  1. very nice blog. liked your pretty top

  2. If you end up unable to make Diglis lock before it closes, you can make an emergency stop at the Royal Severn Yacht Club if they have space - the mooring below Diglis is no use for dogs and not much good for humans either! We paid them a fiver for club funds then joined them in the bar.