Sunday, 17 July 2016



IMG_6439We are having a couple of days in Stourport before moving on again and while having a stroll around the town we passed this shop. Needless to say we couldn’t walk by without having a look inside.

IMG_6438Carolyn said she enjoyed the town here in Stourport as she did in Droitwich Spa. Again there were plenty of Charity shops for her to have a look in. We had also gone out in search of the Stourport Wetherspoons only to find out it had closed a couple of months ago and it had now been taken over by another Pub chain.

IMG_6443 Would you believe it, they have Fairground here next to the River Severn. Good job our Granddaughter Curly isn’t with us yet or else it would have cost me a fortune.

IMG_6446Next to the main Basin in Stourport there is a further basin which is surrounded by this new housing development. What’s the betting that they are all Nimby’s and don’t want boats anywhere near their wharf side homes. Such a shame to see it empty as there is clearly a demand for extra visitor moorings in Stourport.

IMG_6460While moored up in Stourport we got friendly with Richard on NB Tabitha Twitchit who was moored behind us .The conversation got around to Barbecues (Not toilets) and we explained how we had one ,but it used to get on my nerves being stuck on the roof all the time ,so in the end I chucked it away. Ah! said Richard have a look at this …

IMG_6462Its a stainless steel fold up Barbecue and takes up very little room onboard. Once you have finished cooking on it you can then fill it with coals and it becomes a fire pit . Needless to say I got immediately on the Internet and ordered one straight away. Can’t wait for it to arrive…

Tomorrow we are on the move again as we want to get to Kinver and have a day there to look around the village. Its just over 4 hours from here ,so we may have a lie in tomorrow and pull pins about eightish ..

                                                                                                                  Happy Days

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