Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Windsor day 2


IMG_5536It’s 09.00 and we are on our way into the town of Windsor. Just below the castle and just what we have found !

IMG_5538It’s a Wetherspoons.. Well it would have been rude not to have popped in for a breakfast.

IMG_5541After a full English breakfast we left Rich and Sharon and walked up to the castle. With Queenie not being at home and Hamish back on the boat we decided to give the castle tour a miss, but we will return one day .

IMG_5552When we got back to the Inca who do you think was there waiting for us ? It was only my number one Sister Sharon and her long suffering husband Philip. They were up here for a wedding and were at a bit of a loose end with nothing to do before the big day, She had thought about going to see the sights of London or taking in a show but she decided to come and see us. All joking aside it was good to see my dear old sister and have a good old chill out next to The Thames.

IMG_5557There are some low flying aeroplanes around here, as well as the ones coming in to land in London we also had this Hurricane over our heads.

IMG_5559How brave is Hamish . He does not like the water one bit and for him to go in this far he must have been hot.

After 2 days in Windsor and paying out the vast sum of £16 in mooring fee’s we will pull pins tomorrow and continue our cruise up the river Thames. As always there is not a real plan, so we will cruise until we find a good mooring and hopefully free mooring.

                                                                                                Happy Days

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