Saturday, 11 June 2016

Tow path work out


IMG_5376With a day of not cruising Carolyn and Sharon arranged to meet up early in the morning and have a towpath workout. They spent a god hour doing a bit of Tai bo.

IMG_5360I just love it when these Chinooks fly over the top of us. They make so much noise and you know exactly what's coming when you hear it in the distance.

IMG_5379In the afternoon we had a bit of a treat. We were invited along with Sharon and Rich by Alf and Sue who is Sharon’s cousin to go for a cruise on their 37 foot boat called Boho Boho . As you can see it’s totally different from a narrowboat ,so it will be interesting to see what it’s like.

IMG_5382We untied the ropes and with Sue on the bow we edged our way out of the marina and onto The River Thames.

IMG_5401Heading up the river with Alf at the controls on the fly bridge.

IMG_5398Not only can you steer and control the boat from up there but you can also steer it from inside.

IMG_5378And guess who was impressed with this boat.

IMG_5400The view from the top is brilliant and I so much enjoyed our afternoon aboard. The boat is a lot different to a narrowboat and it’s more of a boat you would spend a couple of weeks on and cruise across to France or up and down the coast .Would I buy one myself ?    Maybe I would ,but not so big  when we eventually move back to land when we retire from Narrow boating . A big thank you to Alf and Sue for inviting us on-board we thoroughly enjoyed it and had a great time.                                                                                             

                                                                                                              Happy Days

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  1. that was a good blog really liked seeing you on that nice boat wish you would buy one I rather fancy a ride on one of those x