Thursday, 16 June 2016

Odd Animals


IMG_5575 We pulled pins from our Windsor mooring at 09.00 and headed upstream and under Windsor railway bridge.It is a wrought iron 'bow and string bridge designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel. It carries the ex-GWR branch line from Slough to Windsor into Windsor and Eton Central station. It crosses the River Thames on the reach between Romney Lock and Boveney Lock.

The bridge is a single-span structure comprising three bowstring trusses which created two bays for the original two GWR tracks.The bridge is the World's oldest wrought iron railway bridge still in regular service, and is a forerunner of Brunel's final masterpiece, the Royal Albert Bridge, Saltash. The bridge was Grade II* listed in 1975.

IMG_5434Its been very interesting cruising up The River Thames and seeing all the odd animals people have in their riverside gardens. Why would you have a full size Polar Bear on your balcony ?

IMG_5588Then we saw this Giraffe made from Mirrors.

IMG_5613We have also started seeing these full size sheep all over the place. Better off if they got some real ones to keep the grass mown.

IMG_5611Those Sheep want to watch out or this Crocodile will have them for lunch.

IMG_5629After several hours cruising we reached Cookham lock . This is where the Queen's Swan Uppers come every year to record the swan population. This ritual began when swans were considered an important food for royal banquets and feasts.

IMG_5643It seems like we were very lucky to pick up this mooring at Cookham as they are usually very popular moorings. There was in fact just one space left so Rich and Sharon on Nb Oakapple breasted along side us. It was a bit strange to have sail boats sailing around us as you don't normally see many of them on the canals. We will have a night here before moving on up the Thames in the morning.

                                                                                         Happy Days

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  1. Perhaps the bear had eaten the residents and was just "playing possum" while you passed?? Great pics as usual.