Thursday, 9 June 2016

Hampton court palace


IMG_5260At Hampton Court Palace it must be the busiest moorings we have ever stopped at with literally hundreds of boats a day passing us. The speed limit is 8 kph or 5 mph ,but a lot of boats totally ignore this. The trip boats are probably the worst with some going at such a rate they cause huge waves which create huge problems for moored and moving craft. There are several different types of ferries including the one above with the fake wheels on the side.

IMG_5280After a week its time for number one Granddaughter Curly to head back down to Devon. As always she had a great time and we always enjoy her company, she is such a little star. Only another six or seven weeks before she will be back up for the Summer holidays.

IMG_5303About 10 yards from our mooring is Hampton court palace and this is the view we get from our mooring. Not bad for a fiver a night.

IMG_5300We couldn’t believe it when we saw this boat go past with a disposable BBQ on the roof.

IMG_5309With Hampton court palace behind us we all went for a walk around the Deer park. They must be the most elusive Deer anywhere. We didn’t see one although there were plenty of Golfers on the course which is in the Deer park.

IMG_5293Yet another old passenger boat with what also looked to be a fake wheel on the back.

IMG_5316Later in the day we had a walk around the Palace gardens and what a delight.                                                                                                                 

IMG_5324What a beautiful English rose ! and the flowers look good as well. (that’s some more Brownie points for me)

IMG_5318We then had a walk around the palace vegetable garden .Its a massive walled garden with every vegetable growing you could think of. We were about a week to early because from next week they start selling off some of the produce to the public.

We are just about at the end of our stay here and I must say its been a real pleasure to be here. We had a great evening on Carol and George’s boat Still Rockin where we finally got to meet Kev and Ann from Nb Rock and Roll , It was good to meet up with you all and thanks for a lovely evening. With so much happening on the River Thames and in Hampton Court Palace it’s a place we will have to come back to one day.


                                                                                                            Happy Days

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