Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Back on The Thames


IMG_5224We pulled pins at 08.00 and made good time down The river Wey . Going with the flow and being able to fully open the paddles when dropping down locks certainly speeded things up.

IMG_5209With some of the lock landings being a bit awkward to get on and off Carolyn used the lock ladders a few times. It’s something that she said she would never do ,but she is now after three years becoming a bit more confident.

IMG_5235Some of the houses at Weybridge on the river are very desirable and look very expensive… That reminds me to do the lottery this week.

IMG_5248After 7 days on the Wey we are back at Thames lock where the lock keeper drops us down.

IMG_5251Before we can leave there is a lower pound below the lock that has to be drained. Its purpose is to allow boats with a deep draught to get over the bottom cill on the main Thames lock.

IMG_5252We liked this boats name . What's it to be cake or death ????

IMG_5262After another most enjoyable six hour cruise we were lucky to pick up this mooring and breasted up outside of Hampton Court Palace. We are allowed to have just three days here where we have the first night free and the next two nights at £5 a night. No doubt we will stay for the three nights here as there is so much to see and do.

                                                                                            Happy Days

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  1. lovely pictures looked very peaceful x