Monday, 20 June 2016

Costly Thames


IMG_5344How much !!!   Why is everything so expensive on The River Thames?. There must be a reason… This is probably the cheapest diesel we have seen ,but also look at the price of the petrol. Most of the red diesel down here is about £1.20 per litre self declaration although I did contact the local fuel boat who said he charges between 80 and 85 pence per litre. The last time we bought diesel on the Grand Union Canal it was 59 pence from a fuel boat with Harefield marina selling it at 55 pence per litre which is half the price. It’s a good job we have a 300 litre fuel tank and hopefully it will last until we get back on to the canals.

IMG_5581It now seems to be getting even more expensive the further we head up The River Thames ,and it was the same price when we later passed Bray marina.                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

IMG_5757 Then at Henley the most expensive fuel we have ever seen .We have spoken to several boaters and they just say “well that’s Thames prices and you just have to accept it”. It won’t put us off coming back to the Thames in the future ,but my advice to any visiting boater would be to fill up with diesel on the canals and if you have any cans fill them as well.

                                                                                                  Happy Days                      


  1. Some of the twin engined tupperware ships must be paying a fortune. Best price on the Thames is at Better Boating(Reading) 80ppl. If you mention you have seen their add in Towpath Talk you get 5ppl discount so 75ppl. We used Merchant the fuel boat last fill for 84ppl..... Agree with you - fill up before you get on the Thames is best practice.

  2. I Andy , we loved the Thames and will get a gold licence in a couple of years and spend more time there .. Plus we will arrive with a full tank of fuel..

  3. just paid 50p a litre on the shroppie

    1. Hi , Guess you must be at Wheaton Aston.. We should be there in 3 or 4 weeks , so will take full advantage of that price like you have.. What a differance from the Thames ?