Sunday, 12 June 2016

Slug and Lettuce


IMG_5427We pulled pins at 08.20 and soon came upon this house boat. We have never seen so many different types of boats as we have seen on the Thames.

IMG_5431Also we have never seen so many bizarre things in the gardens of the house’s which line the river.

IMG_5434Why would you have a Polar bear stood on the balcony of your house !.

IMG_5441While cruising along today this chap decided to hitch a lift. I guess he is some sort of leaf beetle but I’m not sure of his name..

IMG_5443Just before getting to Staines we spotted these guys doing weight tests and checking for Red diesel in road going vehicles.. Beware !

IMG_5455With Carolyn off into the town to stock up the cupboards I had a walk along the river in Staines. In medieval times before the canalisation of the Thames, Staines-upon-Thames was the highest point at which the high tide was perceivable for a few minutes every semi-diurnal tide (twice a day), adding some millimetres to the water depth compared to more upstream parishes. This London Stone marked the upstream limit of the City's rights. The official role of a London Corporation stone of 1285 beside Staines Bridge was set out with a grant of associated privileges in a charter of Edward I Its use by the river is confirmed by the semi-circular indentations (on the right hand face in the photo), to cater to tow ropes of horse-drawn boats rubbing against the stone.Staines is on the point where the north bank moves from east to north and has always been its site but the exact position has changed. In 1750 (approx.) the approx. 0.6m-tall half cube on a tall stone pillar was moved about 500 metres upstream to a site by the river in the Lammas Pleasure Ground. In 1986 the stone was moved to the Old Town Hall Arts Centre, Market Square and a replica was placed in the Pleasure Ground. In 2004 the original was moved to Spelthorne Museum, Spelthorne Library, Friends Walk/Thames Street.

IMG_5456A beautiful bronze sculptor of the Swan master/marker. Swan Upping plays an important role in the conservation of the mute swan and involves The Queen’s Swan Warden collecting data, assessing the health of young cygnets and examining them for any injuries.The Royal Swan Uppers, who wear the scarlet uniform of Her Majesty The Queen, travel in traditional rowing skiffs together with Swan Uppers from the Vintners’ and Dyers’ livery companies.

IMG_5472After Carolyn Rich and Sharon returned from their shopping trip in Staines at the local Sainsbury we just couldn’t resist a stop off in The Slug and Lettuce which is next to the river. Not as cheap as Wetherspoons but we had a good meal there. I did think that 40 pence for a dash of lime in our foster’s lager which was £4.10p and making it £4.50 was a bit of a liberty ,but I guess it’s Thames prices…

                                                                                                                    Happy Days


  1. "Also we have never seen so many bizarre things in the gardens of the house’s which line the river." This comment is from a man who has passed Charity Dock! I guess the key phrase is "gardens of houses". By the way, the critter appears to be a rose beetle. Glad to see you both in good health, although the blog shows Carolyn is working harder at it. And it is enjoyable to follow your Spring adventures. Aloha, Amos & Charlene

    1. Hi Amos and Charlene , Always a pleasure to pass charity dock and see what the Lady there has put out , she has a great imagination ...We could do with a bit more Sun as the English Summer hasn't arrived in full ..Hope you are both keeping well !!