Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Leaving Godalming


IMG_5121We pulled pins from Godalming at 07.40 and reversed back to the winding hole in very windy conditions. Rich followed us and the trick was to use the flow of the river to turn the boats.

IMG_5123On our way up here there were a couple of very low bridges that we just got under . After a day of rain the level had gone up a bit so it was a case of getting as much weight as we could on the front of Inca to lower her in the water. Unfortunately it didn't work and we caused a bit of damage to our cratch on the journey down the river.

IMG_5126Can’t see anything wrong with that !!

IMG_5130Passing back down through Guildford and there are some very good pieces of wood carving on the bank.

IMG_5139I have only ever seen one of these before and that was at Uxbridge. Just cant see it catching on !

IMG_5167The locks on this river are some of the fiercest we have ever encountered and going up some of the locks could take up to 20 minutes. The problem is that most of the top gates only have gate paddles, so there was a real danger of the boat flooding if the paddles were opened too quickly when going up in a lock.

After a good 6 hour cruise we ended up above Walsham Gates flood locks, the same place we moored on our first night on The Wey. Tomorrow will be an early start as we make our way back down to Weybridge and down The Thames towards Hampton…..

                                                                                                   Happy Days


  1. loved the wood carving x

  2. Looks like it was cold, Gary - I thought it was summer over there!

    1. Hi Marilyn , yes in deed we have had a few cold days, but now Summer is here with the odd thunderstorm and a bit of flooding ...