Saturday, 18 June 2016



IMG_5671We pulled pins from our mooring at Cookham and headed towards Marlow. At Marlow lock we entered and were told by the lock Keeper to switch off our engines. It’s strange how some Lockies tell you to switch off and some just don’t worry about it. Anyway when the lock filled Rich on Nb Oakapple went to start his engine and nothing happened. After several attempts still no luck so Oakapple was pulled out of the lock and put onto the lock landing.

IMG_5674We pulled along side while Rich contacted River and Canal Rescue. It turned out they would be a couple of hours so with nothing else to do we chilled on the lock landing. Eventually the engineer from CRC arrived and diagnosed a faulty starter battery. The battery had been working perfectly up to this time ,but according to the engineer modern batteries just suddenly die and give no indication that they are on their way out. With ours being six years old maybe we should look at replacing it.

IMG_5692After a few hours and with Nb Oakapple back up and running and smoking (Ha ha) as good as new we were soon passing the weir above Marlow lock on our way again heading towards Henley.

IMG_5699Queenie even gave us a wave as we passed through Marlow.

IMG_5749After a good cruise we ended up in Henley where everyone is busy preparing for the forthcoming Regatta.

IMG_5754We passed this grand looking boat on the way through Henley. I’m sure it’s not a genuine paddle steamer.

IMG_5762Guess what ? Even Henley has a Wetherspoons. With the prices being a little higher than other Spoons it was still good value for the money. Tomorrow and another early start as it’s off again heading North on The River Thames.


                                                                                                               Happy Days

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