Friday, 18 March 2016


IMG_2872We have now got to the day after waiting for a week or so when we need to go into Debdale Marina. After pulling pins from Foxton village at 07.45 we filled with water and got rid of waste at the bottom of Foxton locks.

IMG_2874We then headed North and passing under this tree and I wondered how long it will before it falls down and blocks the canal or even worse falls down on a boat. Fingers crossed as we pass underneath it.

IMG_2875After half an hours cruise we arrive at Debdale marina and are told to pull in and wait for our lift out. It was thought that we would be in dry dock for a few days ,but now it seems it could be a bit longer than that .Never mind as we have a week or so before Curly (number one Granddaughter) comes up for Easter and by then we should be back on the cut and heading South.

                                                                                          Happy Days


  1. Found Waka Huia yet? Give her a nice pat from us - read our blog to see why we may be delayed in coming over this year.
    I see that although icecream is provided on a reward system, beer and red wine are not; rather they appear much as the sun does each day ... I think Carolyn should dole out the red wine only when you have done some cruising, so you would have to go without for the next few days! Ha!

  2. Hi Marilyn, Still looking for Waka Huia I think they have hidden her away somewhere. I will continue the search. Go without wine for a few days !!! What ever next .