Monday, 7 March 2016

Hull inspection


IMG_2698We pulled pins from just below Foxton locks at 09.15 and made the short journey to Debdale marina for our hull inspection.

IMG_2705After a bit of a wait we eventually got lifted out for the very helpful staff at Debdale marina to look at our was discovered that there is a slight problem with our epoxy blacking so It was decided that we would have to come back in a couple of weeks and get lifted out again and spend a few days having some remedial work done on the hull. We will be able to stay on Inca while the work is being carried out which will be good. I will go into a bit more detail on the hull when the work is completed.

IMG_2729This is one of 4 sacrificial anodes we have welded to the hull of Inca. Being lower on the periodic table of metals the idea is that they wear away instead of the steel of which the hull is made of. They are OK at the moment ,but I would have thought in a couple of years and they will need replacing, although with our metalized hull we shouldn’t need anodes but I think I will keep using on them.

IMG_2725With it getting late we stayed at the marina for the night with the added bonus of shore power electric. Its amazing what a difference it makes as you can put the TV on in the day, not that theres anything on to watch .With a bit of daylight left and being able to get to both sides of Inca Carolyn gets stuck in cleaning the windows.

IMG_2728After a night at Debdale marina it will be off in the morning towards Foxton. We now have to spend the next couple of weeks in this area which isn’t such a bad thing as there is plenty to see and do plus its only a short bus ride from Foxton village into the town of Market Harborough where there’s plenty of shops for her ladyship to peruse.

                                                                                                          Happy Days

PS . This is the 500th blog I have posted…


  1. nice pictures could see how the boat is taken out if the water. Liked your 500th post wonder if you will make 1000th xx

  2. When you get back to Debdale, go and visit Waka Huia up on the hard and give her a pat for us, please. Mxox

  3. Hi Marilyn. I did walk up the top to look for Waka Huia but couldn't find her , I would have sent you a pic .. Is she at the very top or behind the workshops ? I will make sure I locate her when we are there next week !!!

  4. I am not sure where she is, Gary - we left her in the water next to What a Lark! Possibly right up the back past the workshops etc - a pic would be lovely, thanks.

    Big hugs to you both, M&Dxox

    1. OK Marilyn , I will have a good look when we go back in.. No rock will be left unturned until I find her !!!