Thursday, 24 March 2016

Getting there

IMG_2968We are still on shore in Deddale marina having the work done on our hull. Parts of the hull have been treated and its now just about ready to have the top coat of protective epoxy applied.

IMG_2959With the weather now a lot warmer we are now having our new hull coating applied. So we are finally getting there.

IMG_2935We saw this buzzing over the top of us and I just had to go and have a closer look. It was taking photo’s of the marina.

IMG_2937Its a drone that is used by a professional pilot and cost several thousands of pounds. This one has 6 rotors which apparently makes it a lot safer to use .. … Please Carolyn can I have one . ( No chance or words to that effect was the reply ! )

IMG_2993One of the services they offer here at Debdale is to store your boat on dry land if you are not going to use it for some time. The advantage of this is that its cheaper than being moored in the marina and you don’t have to pay any Canal and River Trust licence fee as your boat is not on their waters. Speaking to the guys in the marina and they told us that this is very popular with people from the Australia and New Zealand as a lot of them spend 6 months of the year here and the other 6 months back down under.

IMG_2882Three guesses where these boat owners come from.

IMG_2885Look what we found !….  She belongs to friends and fellow bloggers Marilyn and David who come over from their home in New Zealand and spend the Summer cruising our canals and then sensibly going back home for another Summer in NZ. We had trouble finding Waka Huia but when we eventually found her she was just behind us on the other side of the workshops. Just to let you know Marilyn she said she is missing you both, but is very happy and content where she is.
Our stay at Debdale is going to be a lot longer than was originally planned. The people and staff at the marina are very friendly, but the only downside  here is that the marina is out in the country and miles from anywhere which is making Carolyn very frustrated. Hopefully in a few days we should be back in the water and cruising again….Fingers crossed !!

                                                          Happy Days


  1. Thank you for that lovely photo, Gary. Made me quite emotional thinking it's still a fair length of time till we can come back. And I think I need to get the paint brush out asap when we do return looking at the stern ...
    What about a walk down to Foxton along the towpath for you and Carolyn. You could go mad and buy her an icecream, and you could have a nice meal at the pub.
    Cheers, Marilyn

    1. Hi Marilyn, Waka Huia is looking ok , although I think she will need blacking before going back in the water. We should be out in the next day or two ,so Carolyn will get her ice cream once she works us back up the Foxton flight ....

    2. Hi, Thanks for an interesting read. We're new to all this - just fitting out our narrowboat at Debdale, Our boat is the purple one shown in one of your photos. Cheers, Erika and Nigel

    3. Hi Erika and Nigel, Enjoy your fit out and then cruising in your boat . It's certainly a steep learning curve when you start out ,but all the hassle is well worth it in the end ... Regards Gary