Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Frosty cruising


With Curly back in Devon and Carolyn back from taking Curly back to Devon its time to pull pins from our mooring at Brownsover and start cruising again. We have now spent nearly two weeks here and its just far too long to be stuck in one place. We now need to head towards Debdale Wharf which is on the Leicester branch of the Grand Union canal near Market Harborough. Inca needs to come out of the water again as we noticed a problem with the very expensive hull treatment we had done less than 2 years ago.

IMG_2462So with the temperature at minus one and with a good frost on the solar panels we pulled pins at 08.30 and headed to the winding hole (turning point) and then headed back towards Braunston.

IMG_2480A leaky tap at HillMorton did this to the grass next to it.

IMG_2485Hard at work cutting back the hedges on the towpath are CRT contractors Fountains.There were in fact 6 men deployed on this job. Surely there has to be a more efficient way to do it than this.

IMG_2489What's wrong with my hat. It fits just like a glove..

IMG_2496Back into Braunston and a familiar sight. The elsan blocked yet again !

IMG_2500At about 10 feet long I have often wondered what this boat was used for .

IMG_2505With all the hire fleet back at base there is not a lot of room as we approach Braunston bottom lock.

IMG_2514With me left sat in the lock Carolyn just couldn't resist going into the shop (not like her). Anyway she did buy me a Kit Kat as a treat.

IMG_2518I've been past the dry dock in Braunston so many times and never realised this is how they use it.The dock gate is just lifted and then slid along out of the way… Simple is always the best way.

We now have the Braunston flight then the Watford flight of locks before getting onto the summit of The Leicester branch. But more about that in the next update.

PS.. Sad news from Wetherspoons . This coming Sunday will be the last time they will be selling their Sunday Roast. We and a lot of other boaters took advantage of the Roast and a pint for £6.59p as we travelled around the country. Spoons say that it is a commercial decision. But I think they will loose a lot of customers on a Sunday….

                                                                                                              Happy Days


  1. I like your pic of the icy plants by the tap.
    Obviously your head has grown too big for your hat there!
    The little boat called 'Mouse' is a push tug used for puching barges thatdon't have engines.
    nb Oskfield

    1. Hello Oakfield. Little Mouse must have a big engine to do all that hard heavy work ! As for my head growing ....wait till next time I see you !!!!

  2. will b a good thing when spring arrives everything is looking very barren.Happy cruising. xxx

    1. Can't wait for Spring and Summer. Believe it or not Winter has gone very fast which is good, bring on the Sunshine !!!

  3. Hope your hull treatment problem is not too bad. Is there anything we should be keeping an eye on as we have had the same treatment.

    1. Hi Phil, I don't really want to put anything on here yet ,not until Debdale have looked at it. But if you want to leave your contact details I will get in touch...ps I won't publish them .. Gary