Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Friends at Foxton


IMG_2732We pulled pins from Debdale marina at 11.10 and passed the winding hole on the other side of the bridge heading back to Foxton . Good job we didn’t want to turn, mind you this boat moored in the winding hole might have broken down so I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt.

IMG_2736After mooring back at Foxton it was over to the pub to meet up with friends Bob and Jan from Nb Small Dreams. It was good to have a few hours in their company and catch up with what we have all been up to. The meal was very good as well. Hopefully we will bump into each other somewhere again on our Summer cruise.

IMG_2734Yet again we picked up the mooring we had a couple of days ago opposite The Foxton Inn. Its always good to sit in a pub and look out at your home.

IMG_2741The following morning at 10.30 we pulled pins and then filled with water and dumped the rubbish before we moved through the swingbridge and onto the Market Harborough branch .

IMG_2742We picked up this mooring just before Main street bridge in Foxton. Its very handy as Carolyn can catch the bus from here for the trip into Market Harborourgh, which of course she did. Its only a 10 minute bus ride and MH has some good shops so Carolyn was happy. We will have a few days here looking around and killing a bit of time before we go back to Debdale for our hull work to be done.

                                                                                                            Happy Days


  1. We were at Foxton and Market Harborough last summer. It was great, but looks deserted now. Must be grand. Hope Debdale do a good job for you.

    1. Hi Jack . Not a bad place to spend some time. A few walkers and a few boats apart from that we have it to ourselves . I'm sure Debdale will be OK they seem to be very helpful.