Saturday, 12 March 2016

Foxton village

IMG_2745We are still waiting for a date to go into Debdale marina to have the work done on our hull, so in the meantime we decided to have a stroll around the lovely village of Foxton. With us being the only boat and not that many walkers its reasonably quiet here. On the left is the old Foxton coal Wharf.

IMG_2754I was very surprised to see this weighbridge just up from The Black Horse canal bridge. But then the penny dropped that it was obviously used to weigh the coal from the wharf.

IMG_2747As always when we visit anywhere its up to the local Church for the continued search to find my final resting place. But not for a few years yet I hope !!

IMG_2749I’ve never seen a weathervane like this before, but I did like it.

IMG_2757What a great idea this is for a redundant phone box. We have seen it done in a few villages that we have visited and I’m sure it must help to save lives.

IMG_2751It was then back to The Black Horse pub as Carolyn fancied a drink and a late lunch only to find that it was closed and didn’t open in the afternoons. Never mind Carolyn we will have to head back to Inca for a nice cuppa and a biscuit. (saved myself a good few quid there..just the ticket)…..

                                                                Happy Days

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