Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Itchy feet


IMG_2798We now have our date to go into Debdale marina to get the remedial work carried out on our hull,but its not for a while so we decided to have a trip into Market Harborough to waste a bit of time as we were both getting itchy feet. On the way in we had to stop for 20 minutes for some contractors as they were taking down a tree on the offside. In the end it turned out rather well as the tree was Ash and they said we could take as much as we wanted. Needless to say we now have enough to see out this Winter…. Just the ticket !

IMG_2800It was then into the basin at Harborough and straight onto the services to fill with water and get shot of the waste. We were surprised to see all the visitor moorings full on the approach to the basin ,so we enquired in the basin office about paying for a mooring there only to be told that they were full as well.

IMG_2807Not to worry as we spotted this quiet rural mooring on the way in .So we winded (turned) in the basin and will spend a couple of nights here. We just need to look out for all the floating bits of tree.

IMG_2813We pulled pins at 09.00 after a couple of good days moored out in the sticks and headed back towards Foxton.The Market Harborough branch is mostly out in the country and is a very enjoyable arm to cruise. There is only one notable building on the way and that is at bridge 8 . Its a meat rendering plant and you certainly know when you are approaching it. Meat rendering plants process animal by-product materials for the production of tallow, grease, and high-protein meat and bone meal. There,so now you know….YUK

IMG_2818The swing bridge at Foxton is a road bridge ,so Carolyn has to put barriers across the road before opening the bridge to allow us through. Come on Carolyn put your back into it . She loves it when I shout say that to her , Not.

IMG_2823Moored back next to Foxton village and another boater told us about the Farm shop in the village,so Carolyn decided we had to go and find it. Its a bit strange as there are no signs to say where it is and not even a sign on the shop itself ,I did check the Internet but nothing on there either. I’m not sure how they expect people to find them. We ended up asking some locals who gave us directions. Its on North lane at the entrance to Foxton locks lodges.

We will now stay around Foxton and have a walk up the locks and do a bit of Gongoozling before heading off to Debdale marina.

                                                                                                Happy Days

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