Monday, 28 March 2016

Tunnel Boggart !


IMG_3026We pulled pins at 06.50 from our mooring above Foxton locks ,I do love an early start. After about an hour of cruising Curly decided to get out of bed and join me for the passage through Husbands Bosworth tunnel. At 1166 yards long it should take us between 10 and 15 minutes to get through.

IMG_3030A lot of the tunnels on the canal system are said to be inhabited by Boggarts which are spirits.We are half way through the tunnel and by the look on Curly’s face I think she might just have seen one.

IMG_3043We then passed the new marina that is being built at North Kilworth. The marina is being built by Mike Goode who also owns Debdale marina.

IMG_3065There seems to be a lot of work happening on this stretch of the canal as Yelvertoft marina has now completed their new slipway. With the new marina at Kilworth also having facilities to take boats out for repair this has to be good news for boaters, with hopefully more competition and lower prices.

IMG_3068We had intended to stop on the services at Crick but this boat was moored on the wharf. As we passed the guy on the boat opposite said it had been moored there for more than 2 days (ignorant person).

We then passed through Crick tunnel and got absolutely soaked to the skin, even so we all had a good laugh about it. It was then onto a mooring about a mile above the Watford flight of locks to sit out Storm Katie for the next day or two.

                                                                                                Happy Days

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