Sunday, 27 March 2016

Escaped at last


IMG_3001After 10 days on shore having the remedial work on our hull carried out its now time to get put back in the water. The underwater epoxy blacking paint is guaranteed for 10 years ,so lets just hope it last that long this time .Mind you we still have the zinc metallization under the epoxy which has performed better than I thought it would. I have gone aground and scraped all sorts of things over the last 2 years , but the zinc has not worn off anywhere, even on the base plate which is most impressive. It has clearly protected the hull as there is not a single pit or any sign of rust at all.  Debdale have asked us to come back in 12 to 24 months when they will lift us out jet wash the hull and check everything is OK. 

IMG_3009We are then transported back down to wharf and lowered back into the water.

IMG_3017We made it and have escaped. We were very well looked after by all the staff at Debdale marina ,but its good to get back out on the cut and start cruising again.

IMG_3023We then head straight towards Foxton locks where we have arranged to pick up Curly (number 1 Granddaughter) who also goes by the name of Abbie. She is up for a couple of weeks so that should be fun. With it being Bank holiday the flight of locks was very busy,not with boats but people watching. There was only us and one other boat on the flight so there was plenty of help working the gates from all the Gongoozlers (Canal watchers).

IMG_3025Half way up and look what Carolyn and Curly found. At least Curly won on the Tombola so she was happy.

We will now have a night above the locks before having a early start in the morning and heading South back down towards the Grand Union Main line.

                                                                                                           Happy Days


  1. Good to see that you have been sorted out by Debdale. We waved as we saw you whizzing past the entrance to Yelvertoft today, obviously with some wind assistance. You probably thought, what's that idiot waving at.

  2. Hi Phil , We did look forAchernar on her mooring but couldn't see her. We also didn't see you waving.. Off to Specsavers next me thinks ! Heading towards Norton junction now for a day or two.. Hope to see you sometime out cruising ....all the best Gary