Monday, 2 March 2015

Waterways record ????

IMG_6463This is the water point at the bottom of the Napton flight of locks on the South Oxford canal. This boat has been moored on the water point for over 7 weeks . A Canal and River Trust employee told us that the owner tried to go up the lock flight , but got stuck in the second lock up due to the lock being a bit narrow and also his boat being old and her sides had spread. He managed to reverse out of the lock, then back through the bottom lock and on to the waterpoint  I don't understand why the boat has not been moved after all this time ,even if it was just pulled 10 yards back around the corner and on to the moorings. I wonder if this is a new record for a boat overstaying on a water point ?.
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  1. I wrote a blog post on 9 Dec mentioning that boat was on the water point mooring. It's been there 3 months!
    NB Waiouru

  2. Hello,
    Before ending up here this boat was abandoned at the top of Hillmorton Locks for several weeks.
    You would think that C&RT would either ask the owners to move it, or move it themselves.
    Praps you should report it to them Gary.
    Waas wrong with my trees then?
    Ann and Keith

  3. I guess there's nowhere on the towpath apart from a designated long term mooring where someone could moor for 7+ weeks. Did the CRT employee volunteer any info about why they (CRT) hadn't pulled the boat back around the corner or required that the owner did so, or what arrangements they had made with the owner to wind the boat and return whence it came? I wonder if it'll still be there in 7 more weeks ...
    Cheers, Marilyn

  4. Hi All ...The CRT guy did say it was being dealt with , but there certainly seems to be no urgency. It's a shame that a few spoil it for so many .