Sunday, 8 March 2015

Towpath exercise


IMG_6493Most people use a bench to sit on a and relax, but Carolyn uses it for her Towpath workout .She does get some funny looks from passing boats but she just carries on exercising away. I must admit it tires me out just watching her.

IMG_6505On Thursday morning we pulled pins at 11.00 and headed towards Braunston. We probably would have stayed at Fox’s gate another day ,but as we were getting low on milk needs must. The boat above is full of water and sat hard on the bottom ,I cant see it ever floating again.

IMG_6513We have not seen many lambs so far this year. Carolyn loves to see them jumping around and having fun . I prefer to see them on a plate surrounded by spuds ,veg and gravy…YUM YUM.

IMG_6529My life is ruled by Amps ,Either what's going in to the batteries or what's coming out of the batteries. I don't think i would ever name a boat after them pesky little things.

IMG_6536After a night moored opposite the boathouse in Braunston ( And no we didn't go in ) We pulled pins on Friday morning and headed towards Braunston bottom lock. There was a boat dropping down the lock and a boat in front of us waiting to go in the lock and up the flight. We shared the flight of locks with Peter and Elaine off Nb Maple. While Carolyn and Peter worked the locks and having a good old yap on the way up, me and Elaine expertly steered the boats up through and we also had a good old chin wag. It was good to meet you both and hope we meet up again ….Enjoy it down South.

IMG_6538We have passed this boat so many times on our travels. I'm sure somebody must love its strange shape.

We are now moored at Norton junction and with good Dog walking, TV and internet we will probably have a couple of days here on the 48 hour moorings. Oh and did i forget to mention there is a pub here as well ,not that i feel up to going to the pub. Carolyn has had a cold for several days and has now passed it on to me ,except I'm sure its changed in to Man Flu as i am  twice as ill as she was.


                                                                                                     Happy Days


  1. glad to see Carolyn still doing her workout. don't forget the mint sauce with your lamb niomalce blog xxxxxxxxxxx ps hope you are both dosing yourselfs up paracetamols & don't forget the vick for your bad chest ha ha

    1. I've rubbed plenty into Carolyn's chest. !!!! Vicks that is ....

  2. Are you sure you moved on for just milk Gary or was the wine cellar empty?
    Shame you have Man Flu as the New Inn does excellent roast lamb with mint sauce on Sundays!
    Ann and Keith

    1. Of course it was milk ,I'm far to ill for anything else, Mind you a few hot toddys would be ok ....