Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Strange Bear


IMG_6813Still at Fenny Stratford and there is a strange looking Bear climbing in the trees around here.. One for you Curly (Number one Granddaughter) ..What is it ?

IMG_6819Gary to the rescue. No not me, but Gary with his dog Trigger on coal boat Ascot , We always use Gary when we are in his area which is from New Bradwell through to Leighton Buzzard. We had a gas bottle off him At £25 which should last about 2 months and he also topped us up with 60 litres of diesel. Lets hope this price of 70 pence a litre stays down this low for a long time ,especially with all the miles we will be doing on our Summer cruise this year.

Another day or three will be spent here before moving on again . With Easter approaching and the school holidays about to start no doubt it will start to get busy with lots of boats on the move .There has already been a few hire boats passing us. We cant really complain as we and the other continuous cruisers have had it all to ourselves for the past 5 or 6 months.

                                                                                      Happy Days

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