Tuesday, 17 March 2015

The Hangover


IMG_6684With Cosgrove nearly empty above and below the lock we picked up this mooring just before the iron trunk . Its a mooring that we know well. As you are aware we love our Internet and on this mooring we get over 8 Gigs, if you move 20 feet forward or back that drops right off to 1 or 2 Gigs. We find that all over the place it can vary in such a short distance. We use the OOKLA app speedtest to find the best place to moor with the highest Internet speed. We both have iPhones and tether off them on the 3 one plan. Its even surprising that if you move the phone from one side of the boat to the other it makes a big difference.

IMG_6677If only we could get on this mooring, so handy for the water point and everybody seems to want it , As one boat moves off it another shuffles along and goes on it . Every time we come through Cosgrove there is always someone on it. Maybe we will be lucky when we come back this way in a few weeks time,but i some how doubt it. (For those of you that know, that was just a bit of cutting wit).

IMG_6671On Saturday we were joined in Cosgrove by our friends Stewart and Fran from Nb The Boat. Typical of me and i ended up drinking too much, So after one or three bottles of the red stuff i was a bit Nissed as a Pewt. Still its not like i drink a lot at any other time. We had a lovely evening and i never got to bed until after midnight. Look forward until we meet up next..

IMG_6672Great excitement on Sunday when a helicopter landed in the field next to the canal in Cosgrove , I'm not sure what he was up to but the locals all seemed to enjoy it.

We were thinking about moving on Sunday, but with the hangover from hell there was no chance of that happening. Anyway with good Internet and TV reception her Ladyship is happy to stay here for another day.

                                                                                                         Happy Days


  1. two good blogs.dont know what happened that I didn't se the last one. xx

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