Sunday, 15 March 2015

Division of labour


IMG_6628After mooring at Grafton Regis Carolyn took Hamish for a walk and just around the corner from us were our friends Lew and Sharon on Nb Midsummer. Not only were they on Midsummer but they also had with them their new boat , And what a beautiful boat she is and with a superb fit out .We then moved Inca the 100 yards around the corner to be nearer and then had a good evening of catching up.They were busy swapping everything from one boat to another and we gave them a little bit of help with moving stuff. We had a couple of days in their company and really enjoyed our time with them. Catch up with you both again soon !!!!

IMG_6638Saying good bye to Lew (Birthday boy) and Sharon on their new boat ….Don't worry Sharon i will get a good photo of you when you least expect it ….

IMG_6648What a good site sight, work progressing on The Navigation pub at bridge 64 just outside of Cosgrove.

IMG_6650How to moor a wide beam …. not a problem for a Narrowboat to pass, but another wide beam would really struggle.

IMG_6655I'm sure the contract says to cut the grass so many times a year, but it was so short it never needed cutting. But a big thanks to the guys who were cutting as they stopped until we had passed and avoided flicking stones and crap on to Inca.

IMG_6659Another good sight. Work being done on the plot of land in front of The Barley Mow at Cosgrove.

IMG_6660We have a cunning plan when ever we get on to a service point, Carolyn tops up the water tank with the hose and i get rid of the rubbish and empty all of the toilet cassettes.Carolyn says its a fair division of labour, which she says means …The division of labour is the specialization of cooperating individuals who perform specific tasks and roles.. I'm not sure about the Cooperating individuals , but i do as I'm told so i guess i cooperate.

                                                                                            Happy Days

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