Friday, 7 June 2013

On Thursday we moved onto a mooring at Cosgrove. We needed somewhere to meet Chloe as she is coming up on Saturday for a couple of days and taking Curly back to Totnes in Devon.

                              The most ornate canal bridge we have come across so far on our travels

Below cosgrove lock we stopped to use the water point. Curly soon found a better use for a narrowboat centre rope.

This was a first for me. A maggot machine , So we thought we would give it a go.You put your money in, decide if you want white pink or mixed colour and out they pop in a can. They are very cold and lifeless but half an hour later they are wriggling like good uns. ( This is in Cosgrove caravan park where there is also a very good general store ).

                                              And not to be out done Carolyn caught a fish .

We are now sat in the sun waiting for number one daughter.( found a safe place to park your car Chloe).  Chloe has got me a new relaxer chair so i can't wait to try it out.

Happy days


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  1. GP....really good to see that your leading the way in showing the ladies that size isn't everything and i mean in the fish stakes ...