Monday, 24 June 2013


Lets talk fish........I know there has not been many fish caught and the ones that have been caught have been a bit on the small side..

So on Sunday after hours and hours and more hours..

                                                           This happened

                                                              Scroll down

                                                              Keep going

                                                           And was i happy with that.....

The biggest Carp i have ever caught , It weighed in at just over 12 lbs. I caught it with a fishing reel that is 40 years old an Abu 506 bought when i was 14 years old and a 6 foot telescopic rod bought from lidl's for £5 and 8 lb breaking strain line. It took nearly 15 minutes to land it due to the light tackle i was using, but it was great sport. It took bread on a float just 6 inch's off the bottom of the canal............Now let's see if Carolyn can beat that.

Very happy days


  1. Well GP..have to say i'm impressed about the fish, however your tackle appears rather lightweight !!!!.
    just out of interest, how do you get and send mail as you must have no postal address ?. good to see the SWW got it's annual airing in previous pics...shouldn't you invest in a severn trent shirt...just a thought. Big hi to Mrs GP and thanks for the great blog

  2. Hi David....Thanks for all the great comments..

    As for the post , We are lucky at the moment because family bring it up when they visit..But if we need post we can use a system called Post Restante . Where we can get post sent to a local Post office and then pick it up from there .
    We are trying to do as much as we can online but that is not always possible.

    We use my parents address for all our post as our house is rented out.

    Hope you had a good weekend in cornwall.