Thursday, 13 June 2013

Milton Keynes

We arrived at Giffard park on Monday and found a good mooring about 200 meters before the water point.

Our mooring at Giffard Park
               With a large park on the other side of the canal it is ideal for Molly and Hamish.

Whilst looking at the guide book on Monday evening we noticed a co-op on the map about a mile from the canal. First light on Tuesday off we went with ruck sacks with the intent of getting some wine recommended by my mate David. It was not a very big store and the only cotes du rhone was a 13.5 % one. Not sure if it is the one you meant David ?? , but for £4.49 not bad at all. We did get more than one bottle like you do.

                            Co-op cotes du rhone .Went down a treat while listening to radio 2.

                                     With a pub just a short walk away we just had to try it.

           We had not heard of a sizzling pub before but it was good value. (steak and rib combo)

               Filling the water tank at Giffard park on Wednesday morning. One of the slowest taps yet.

This our present mooring about 3 miles from Giffard park . We are now at Campbell park about a mile from Milton Keynes city centre. On Thursday morning and with high winds we decided not to move and decided to go into the main shopping centre and get a rotary washing line to fit onto the tiller of Inca. We had already bought a bracket to fit on the tiller and just needed the line.

On the way to the shopping centre we went through campbell park with its cricket ground......

                                                              and amphitheatre.

                                                   And a funny looking light pyramid.


If you are into shopping (which i am not) then this is the place to come to .I have never seen anything like it before and even Carolyn was blown away by it. It had every shop you could think of then loads you had never heard of. We took the bikes and locked them up at the park end of the centre not realising that the shop we wanted was a mile away at the other end of the centre.

                       To break up the shopping we spent a couple of hours in Duncan's place. (not).

                                 The famous concrete cows are now in the shopping centre.

We are both impressed with Milton Keynes .Not just the shopping centre but the parks and housing estates which are all very well kept. May-be on our journey back up the Grand union canal we will spend more time in the area.

Happy days



  1. Don't go too far away now as we have booked in at Holiday Inn Express at Milton Keynes..............might do a little bit of window shopping!

    1. We are going to push on this week so we might be in Bristol by the weekend !!!

  2. Hi GP and Mrs GP, glad to see you've found the co-op....not too sure whats happened with cotes du rhone as mine is 13.5% too and i'm sure it was 14.5 last time i looked. any way the kids have made amends and done themselves proud with a chateau neuf de pape for fathers day.... happy days indeed. good to see that all is well but slighty upset at the lack of huge fish. have you thought about trawling ??

    1. Hi David.... We think you drank too much and read 14.5% instead of 13.5% is that correct? as we do similar things to that after a few. Still not a bad drink and we will get some more when we find another co-op.. As for trawling watch future This weeks wine is a Pinotage from South Africa...£3.99 in Tesco.Not brilliant but drinkable.