Sunday, 23 June 2013

We have had a lovely week at Stoke Hammond and we met a great couple called Stuart and Fran off nb The Boat . We both really enjoyed their company and Carolyn especially liked their many walks with the dogs. Hope to meet up with you both again soon.

On Saturday Sharon (sister) and Philip (Her long suffering husband) brought  Mummy (Joan) and daddy (Ken)  up from Devon to see us and spend a day on Inca. Sharon and Philip went off to do some shopping in Milton Keynes so we set off on our journey from Stoke Hammond to The Globe Inn at Linslade.

                      Even though we had a few showers in the morning it didn't spoil it.

                       Joan at the helm a natural narrowboat women , She took to it like a duck to water.

                        It was then up the locks at the 3 locks pub and Joan's first lesson in locking.

                                                          "Don't let go of that rope"

                                                 She even walks across the lock gate.

                                                    Come on put your back into it.

                                                                Ken at the helm
                     We finally reach our destination and that will do nicely for dinner tonight.

Not long after arriving i got the fishing rod out and started fishing. "Do you know what i have never fished before" said Joan. So i passed her the rod and guess what happened next ???? Myself and Carolyn walked up to the pub to look at the menu for this evenings meal .Then Carolyn's phone rang. "Get back here quick" said Joan "i have caught a big one".  By the time we got back everyone within a hundred yards had heard her shouting and a crowd had built up around her.

                                     She caught a lovely Bream..Look at that crowd around her.

        She soon had her second fish, But she would not hold it as the first one was so slimy.At her very great young age Joan has now discovered 2 new skills she never knew she had,a boat women and a fisher women.

After Sharon and Philip arrived from their shopping trip it was time to eat so off we went to The Globe. We tried to get into the restaurant but it was fully booked.

                                                    But we had a good evening in the bar.

                                              It was then back to Inca for nightcap

      Before long it was time to say goodbye and i am sure everybody had a good day.

We will stay here for the next couple of days as we are having the solar panels fitted on Tuesday and we have satellite and Internet reception and a tesco's if we need it about a mile away. Oh yes and there is the pub as well..

Happy days

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