Monday, 17 June 2013

Fenny stratford

On Friday we were up early and pulled pins at 08.00 which is early for us . Our destination is Fenny Stratford for the weekend. It took us a couple of hours to travel the 3 or 4 miles at our snails pace.

The view from our front room of the lock at Fenny Stratford.
First job after mooring was to drill a hole in the Brolly mate we bought to enable a rotary washing line to be fitted on the tiller.

                                          Looks good to me ......  But will her ladyship like it ? .

 "I like this" 

A little bit later there was an almighty swan fight. It went on for about half an hour with several other boaters trying to break it up. Eventually they came into the side of the canal just in front of Inca. We managed to get our pole in between the 2 and separate them as by this time the pair of swans had nearly drowned the single swan. The canal was white with feathers but all 3 swans seem to be OK.
On Saturday we had a walk around Fenny Stratford and came across Pollards a real ironmongers that sold just about everything and . We got some pegs for the new washing line. (Big spenders)

Unfortunately a stupid person on the towpath told Carolyn that there was a large retail park just up the road. So guess what ?.........We had to go and have a look around it. There was a Tesco TK something Halfords, Argos,Asda etc etc..Ended up spending a fortune, but more about that later.

On Sunday afternoon we had a walk to the lake which is about half a mile from Fenny lock.It almost seems like a different world from the canal and with the temperature at 19 deg it was a most enjoyable stroll.

Pulled pins at about 10.00 and went straight into Fenny Stratford lock.This lock is unusual in that there is a swing bridge right in the middle of the lock.

Just the other side of the lock is the water point, elsan (toilet disposal) and refuge disposal. So we emptied and filled and got on our way to stoke hammond.

Happy days




  1. top blogging know the amphitheatre you saw, i think i saw Guns and `Roses there in tanked with rain all day..and about 50,000 were it the same place ???.
    as for the swan fight...whats all that about. it must have been a lovers tiff or something i guess. good that all seems to be going well and the cotes du rhone was enjoyed.

  2. Hi David ..I think the amphithatre is not the same as the one you went to. I dont think you would get 50000 in there..
    Not sure if it was wise to mess with the swans as they are very strong and aggresive birds,but it is very difficult to stand back and do nothing..........
    Tonights wine is a Cabernet Sauvignon-Merlot from south east Australia....purchased in the village shop at Stoke Hammond..Gulp gulp

  3. sounds like a nice drop GP....i'm settling on some numbers this evening in fact 1664 if you catch my drift. this weekend am getting the passport out and am visiting the cornish, `me and mrs David are going to Marazion for the weekend. Bizarrely i'd like to have a few Guinness whilst there. hopefully though the restauarant will have a good wine list.does Mrs GP (hello Carolyn) enjoy or is it just you.
    just out of interest, what is the engine size of the boat. it seems to take you an age to move from that very deliberate or have you thought about a nitrous oxide injection. ??.
    enjoy your tinto this evening ..

  4. Hello David....Enjoy your weekend but watch out for them there piskies....Oh yes Carolyn ( Hi Dave ) does enjoy a glass or two ...

    It has taken us 29 days to do 40 miles....we do need to speed up ....but we find a place we like and just chill out.....

    The engine is a 2 litre diesl Beta engine ,but we don't go very fast even when we do move...Good thing is that it only uses about a litre an hour.