Monday, 10 June 2013

Bye bye Curly

It was nearly time for Curly to go home .So while Carolyn and Chloe went shopping Curly and myself went and had a look at the Cosgrove aqueduct.

                                                   Curly scooting over the aqueduct

The aqueduct takes the Grand union canal over the river Ouse. We walked along the river bank hoping to see a Kingfisher.But no luck .

There are small tunnels that run under the canal. They were used for getting livestock from one side of thecanalto the other. But are now used as part of the footpath.

       A view of the aqueduct from the river Ouse.This one was built in 1811 after the one built in 1808 fell down.

                                          Thanks Chloe...........You left a dent in the roof !

                                                      Bye bye Molly and Hamish.

                                                 Bye bye ..........Soon see you again .

 We pulled pins at 09.30 on Monday morning and Carolyn stayed inside Inca as we were going over the Cosgrove aqueduct and she does not like heights.

     On one side there are railings but on the other side there is just a sheer drop to the river below.

                                    "OK Carolyn you can come out now".....We are over it.

                                          A very long mural of a train on a wall in Wolverton.

We are now moored opposite Great Linford park which is good for Molly and Hamish to have a good run. Most of the afternoon was spent cleaning the out side on Inca as we spent the weekend under a tree that decided to drop all of it's sap on us. We also took everything off the roof which is something we haven't done for a long time and cleaned that.

We then fitted the new hardwood flooring that Carolyn bought for the cratch....Just the ticket.

After a bike ride around Great Linford and a busy day for us it's now time to chill with a glass or two.

Happy days



  1. GP...both me and mine really enjoy this blog, particularly the fishing pictures !!. great to see that all seems to be going well and no mahoosive dramas as yet. question you listen to the radio..if so what channel and is there there the canal equivalent of the shipping forecast. having a cheeky glass of tinto whilst writing this and trust you've stumbled on a co-op to recharge your wine rack .

  2. Hi David..See next blog regarding wine.......As for the weather i have an app on the i-phone that uses the Gps to find your location then it gives you weater for the next 5 days and for every hour of the day it is.Radio 2 by far the best ...listen to it all day until 19.00 then it's Emmerdale time and the tv goes on.