Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Stoke Hammond

After leaving Fenny Stratford on Monday morning we found a lovely mooring about a mile outside Stoke Hammond.

                                                     This will do us for a few days.

Carolyn was struggling with her folding bike and as it only had 20"wheels she couldn't keep up with me on my bike .So with a Halfords store at Fenny stratford i was told that i had to buy her a new bike.The only problem now is that i can't keep up with her.
We put a for sale sign on her old bike and with in an hour a lady walking the towpath bought it..Result

                                                  And her first ride was to the village shop in Stoke Hammond.

The village of Stoke Hammond is a thankful village. This is a village where every person who left to fight in the 1st World war returned home after the war ended. It is one of only 52 thankful villages in England and Wales. Out of the 52 villages 14 are double thankful villages where they lost no men in the second World war either.

That's a bigger fish.... a silver Bream.......I think it was my lucky t-shirt that helped me to catch it.

With the temperature on Wednesday hitting 27 deg and with good Internet and satellite we might stay here for a couple more days before finding somewhere for the solar panels to be fitted on Tuesday.

Happy days

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  1. Thought you would have travelled further away by now...................what with visitors arriving this weekend:)